What is Pinterest

Of course you have a folder on your PC for the images and photos, a folder called “Images, Pics, Photos … etc” is always there in any computer, what Pinterest did is moving that folder to the web and adding amazing social capabilities to the whole process, so now your Pinterest account is similar to your “Images” folder, Pinterest allows you to create “Boards” which is similar to “Sub-folders” you create in your “Images” folder to classify your photos, to know more about Pinterest, how to use it, how to create an account, how to setup boards and start pinning watch this video

In this article I’ll talk about one of most amazing features in Pinterest “Board Contribution” where Pinterest allows you to invite someone to  a certain board of yours and allows him/her to pin in this board.

How can you invite others to contribute to your boards:

1 – Goto to your Pinterest Account Home Page

2 – Click the “Edit” button under the board you want to add contributor(s) to

3 – “Edit Board” window will popup

4 – In “Who can add Pins?” field type the email or the Pinterest username of the user you want to invite to Pin in your board

5 – Click “Invite” button

6 – Click “Save Changes”

Once you done, Pinterest will send an invitation to the user you invited to Contribute your board

How can I Contribute to the boards I love ?

1 – Create Boards and fill them with beautiful, attractive and viral Photos, play with Pinterest search as shown in the video above to find Pins related to your interests with high popularity (large number of Re-Pins and Likes) and then re-pin them to your boards

2 – Follow Pinners who share you same interests, Pinterest allows you to follow up to 300 Pinners each day,  more than 30% of users you follow will follow you back

3 – Invite others to contribute to your boards, choose Pinners who have large number of pins, boards and followers, invite them to pin in your boards, this will give you a chance to contribute their boards too.

4 – Ask boards owners to contribute, some board owners provide an email address to send contribution request


Click here to visit this board

5 – Respect rules, each board has its rules, some boards allow friend inviting and some do not, some of them allow posting promotions while others do not allow this, the more you stick to the rules the more you earn credibility and chances to contribute in more boards

Board Contribution is an amazing feature from Pinterest it increases your online publicity and gives you a chance to spread your content, so that much more users see and interact with them, also it helps you to provide more content by inviting others to contribute your boards, moreover, it works as a backlink generator generates tones of high quality backlinks to your content, personally, in the last two months I got more than 40 invitations from 40 boards, with more than 100.000 total followers.

Check my account here

I created the 1st 7 boards only, the other 41 boards I am just contributing.