Here is an example on how to build a website that sells a products, is a website that sells all types of drone cameras, always it runs Google Adsense ads, it an example on how to create an online presence to promote a product or set of products.

1 – Building the Website:

First thing I did is to create the website, I  registered a domain name from, then I registered a “Baby Hosting Plan” from, I linked the registered domain name to the hosting plan using “nameservers” option and I installed WordPress through control panel and finally I customized it by choosing a suitable heme and writing some “Original” articles, here is the final result:

Niche Website Building

Website Building

Visit the website

2 – Building the social accounts:

After creating the website I started to build five attached social accounts

Tumblr account:

Niche Website Building


Niche Website Building


Niche Website Building


Niche Website Building


Now I am having the following:

More than 300 Naturalized followers on Tumbler, with more than 500 notes, which means more than 150% activities
500 plus Naturalized followers on Pinterest, with 700 plus likes and repins
150 plus twitter targeted followers, with 200+ notifications, and more

After 3 weeks, and by working about an hour every 2 days, on all these social networks, I believe that, I got very attractive social accounts, with very reasonable amount of followers, who share and like my stuff, and spreading my accounts, in the high authority social network websites, and generating decent amount of back links, which will help lately in search engine and social media optimization.

Also I have got a good idea, about what people in social media like and share, regarding my niche, which will help me finding great ideas, about using this viral content, I shared on my accounts, to generate more accurate, useful, viral, and original content for my website lately, based on REAL user activities.