Successful online campaign

Do you have website, Facebook page, YouTube Channel, Twitter account ?

Of course you need visitors, fans, viewers and followers for your online spots, that is what we call “Traffic“.

successful online campaign

What I am doing is to driving, monitoring, analyzing and distributing traffic to online spots.

Lest’s assume that you have website and Facebook page that sell products and/or provide services, we will call it your “Online Spots” what we need is to drive traffic to your online spots, that is what we call “Online Campaign

successful online campaign

In this video I will show you the keys of running a successful online campaign.

I will talk about how to prepare for your online campaign, I will show you how to:

  1. Determine your online presence current status
  2. Setting campaign “SMART” Goal
  3. Choose your target audience
  4. Select traffic sources
  5. Place ads and content

Watch the video


Setting a SMART GOAL, specifying the right target audience, selecting the effective traffic source, placing a good designed and eye catching ads and a well written content will lead to running a very successful online campaign, making a very aggressive exposure and driving a clear, active and real traffic to your online spots