Content Managing system (CMS) is an important application that publishes, edit and even modify content as well as maintaining it from a central interface. Custom CMS and WordPress are among the most popular tools that are used for this purpose.

The two tools perform the same activities but their features makes them fit various needs.


It is a great open source for blogging. Over the few years it has become popular among many people as it is relatively cheap to use in building websites.

Though it was developed for blogging, WordPress has added features which has enabled it to handle more complicated tasks.

Some of the benefits for using WordPress include:

  1. It is a relatively cheap solution.
  2. It gives you access to several WordPress themes that you can use right away.
  3. Being an open source, it has a large developer base ranging from amateurs to professionals.
  4. The websites and blogs build by this application are fast implemented.
  5. Several WordPress extensions and plugins are available for adding functionality to your system.

The pitfalls you can encounter while using WordPress include:

  1. Security of your data is a challenge for any WordPress blog or website.
  2. As it was built for blogging, its functionality and features can pose a problem when using it for a website.
  3. Though having a large number of WordPress developers, the skills set still vary.

Custom CMS

Custom CMS is a website creation tool. If you consider using other customized solutions, they may cost you a lot of time and money and if its done by a professional.

Using Custom CMS has some benefits including:

  1. Enables you to build your websites to the exact specifications that helps in enhancing your business.
  2. They are highly flexible.
  3. They offer better security as they are built from the ground by the skilled developers.
  4. It is easy to incorporate third party apps.
  5. They have the ability to accommodate high levels of website functionality.

From time to time one also faces some of the pitfalls that emerge when using Custom CMS and some of them include:

  1. It is relatively expensive to use in developing a website.
  2. The codes used in developing the system are owned by the agency or the team of developers.
  3. Websites built by Custom CMS take longer time for development.
  4. Brands that use Custom CMS will develop a partial dependency on the agency that developed the system.

Both of these tools can be used in building both websites and blogs, but some of their features make them more suitable in one activity than the other.

Therefore, if you have a limited budget and looking a simple CMS solution with few customization and integration, then WordPress will meet your demands.

Also if you need a more powerful CMS solution that will easily align with your specific business processes, then you should consider Custom CMS.
When deciding which tool you need to use, you should consider both your immediate and future needs and your business goals. You should choose a tool that will enhance your business and help it grow.

Custom CMS is suitable for building professional business websites that requires high customization and integration of various applications in order to support the several processes of your business.

This application is mostly used by the big organizations as it offers a wide range of features that they find useful.
WordPress is suitable for developing blogs. As much as it is able to build websites, its specialty is at blogging. This tool is a simple one hence can be easily be used even at individual level. Its features are suited for blogging purposes.