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SEO is extremely lucrative because Google gets so many searches every day, if you do manage to get your site to the top of Google then you can expect a flood of visitors and sales every day. Sure you can get tons of traffic from social networks and other places too. However, with Google you’re putting your site right in front of people the moment that they are looking to buy, where as if they see a random link on Facebook or something like that they might think; “Oh that’s interesting I’ll check it out,” but there is a far less chance that they are actually going to buy. And that’s why SEO is so powerful and so profitable.

Now if you’re new to all of this then you must be wondering what the hell does SEO actually stand for? SEO stands for ‘Search Engines Optimization’. Which basically just means enhancing or improving your site for the search engines so that they like it and want to put your site at the top of their results. And even though the word optimizing might sound technical and super complicated, it’s really not.

In fact to get to the first page of Google there are just two things that you really need to do.

1 – Have the words that you want your site to rank for on your site.

2 – Have other quality sites linking to your site.

The first thing, having the words that you want to rank for on your site is called ‘keywords’. ‘Keywords’ are just the words that your site targets.

For example if my site is targeting ‘drone cameras’ then ‘drone cameras’ is my ‘keyword’. What you want to do is just make sure that your ‘keyword’ is placed throughout your site.

This might sound obvious but it is really important because Google will scan over your whole site and look at all of the words that are on that page so it knows what your site is about and what words your site should be ranking for.

You want your ‘keywords’ wherever you can put them. You want them in your ‘titles’, in your ‘domain name’ if you can, you want to put them in your ‘main content’ and your ‘image description’ too.

Here is an example site I set up that targets the ‘keyword’ ‘drone cameras’. If you go to the site you can see I have the word ‘drone cameras’ in the domain name itself, it is in the titles, the descriptions, I have it everywhere. 
Google sees all of this and they’ll say “hey, I think this site must be about drone cameras, maybe we should have it turn up when people Google drone cameras”.

You don’t need to make every second word on your site the ‘keyword’ that you want to run for. The last thing I want my site to say is “welcome to drone cameras zone, the drone cameras site for drone cameras people who like drone cameras staff and drone cameras video and drone camera so on“. Do not do that there is no need and it will just make your site look spam-y to Google. 

Now if you build your sites in WordPress like I do and you want a bit more information on exactly where to put your ‘keywords’ so that Google knows what your site is about then I suggest you to use this plugin “Yoast WordPress SEO

SEO in plain English

Now back to our topic come on let’s not stray here Putting your ‘keywords’ on your site is the easy bit. The trickier bit is the second thing that you need to do to get your site ranking in Google and that’s

2. Having other quality sites linking to your site.

Ultimately you want to get lots of other high quality websites to place a link on their site that points to yours. And the reason is quite simple and once you understand this you will really understand why some sites rank better than others in Google.

Google does not have time to just manually go through each site and say that one’s good, that one’s bad, this one’s a too bit over the top. 

What Google does is they scan everything on the internet and then look at every link on every page that’s out there then every time they see one website linking to another website Google sees this as a kind of vote for that website and gives them a little boost in the search engines.

So when Google sees that site A is linking to site B they say “well hey site B must be pretty damn good if site A is linking to them. Maybe we should rank them a little better in the search engines”.

Actually the whole of the web is a giant popularity contest –you know those girls on Instagram that always compete with each other for likes? Yea the internet is kinda like that lets thing about her like she’s a pretty girl going for likes.

The logic behind this is that the best sites and content behind there gets linked to lots of other site so by just counting the number of link that each site gets Google has a really quick and easy way to determine which sites ranks where.

In the SEO world we call these things from the other sites to your site ‘backlinks’ and it’s a term you’ll hear me and other people refer to a lot in the SEO worlds. So remember it ‘backlinks’ keep it up in your head the way you cram the notes in your books on the mornings of your big tests, they are links from other sites to your site and you want them because the more of them you get the better your site gets and the more money you make.

So the name of the game is really just to get as many high quality ‘backlinks’ as possible because if you can get more high quality ‘backlinks’ than your competitors then your site will rank better you’ll get more traffics and you’ll make more money.

seo in plain english

Now you might be wondering; “what exactly counts as a high quality ‘backlink’”? And why don’t we just want links from any old website? 

Well a high quality ‘backlink’ is just a link from a website that has been around for a while that is established and that its self has a lot of other sites linking to it and the reason you want links from high quality websites is because Google gives more away to sites that have been around for a while and that are established than from little tiny blogs and sites that were only set up yesterday or that are full of spam.

So basically in this giant popularity contest that is the internet remember the likes on Instagram, the votes from the already popular kids’ counts the most. For example if you manage to score a link from a seriously established site like Wikkipedia or then that would be way more valuable than a link from some random blog that was only just set up yesterday and nobody has ever heard of and this is the reason that I only focus on high quality ‘backlink’ from high quality websites.

It’s all about quality over quantity, you know how people say why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Well you want to buy the cow here. Many times I have been easily able to out rank websites that have hundreds and hundreds of backlinks from low quality websites with just a handful of backlinks from high quality websites. However this is something that a lot of people do not get about SEO there a tons of guys out there running around spending all of their time building thousands and thousands of low quality backlinks from spam-y websites and they are wondering why others are so easily able to out rank them with much fewer backlinks again it all just comes down to quality over quantity, buy that cow. 

Now here is the big question that I’m sure you’re wondering “How the hell am I meant to get all of these high quality authority sites to link to me? It’s not like you can just e-mail CNN and say; “hey link to me bro”. But the thing is, you don’t need a backlink from CNN because there are tons of other established authority websites out there that will actually let you sign up and create a link yourself. 

I’m talking about all of these sites as well as thousands of others actually let you create a free account so that you can then post your links to them.

Each one goes to your website and share an article or a products or whatever to, it gives you 1 backlink from which considered one of the most authorized websites on the internet, each time you share any of your website content to Facebook, you gain 1 backlink from the most authorized website out there and so on

Furthermore another technique that you can use is just searching for forums that are related to your niches so you could just search for your niches forums in Google and you will find tons of niche related forums where you can sign up to and post your links to.

Basically there are tons of other quality sites that you can sign up to and post your backlink to yourself. So come on recap here because some of us aren’t Einstein’s and there’s no shame in that; to get your site to the first page of Google you need to:

1. Have the word or words that you want to rank for on your site.
2. Have other high quality sites linking to your site.

Now I know this might sound overly simple and people might be thinking will it cannot be that easy can it? But the thing is it can. A hell of a lot of people out there are trying to over complicate this SEO thing. They say you need to buy complicated and expensive box and software that are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They say you need to build thousands and thousands of backlinks to your site to make any money at all. They say all kinds of crazy stuff but scratch that because you really don’t.

If you just stick to the basics and just choose a good no competition keywords and you set up a site that targets that keywords and then you build high quality backlinks to your website you can get top rankings you can get visitors and you can get sales.

So don’t get caught up in the next big shiny thing or some super cool advanced SEO tool that does everything for you in one click just stick to the basics and I promise you this stuff does work.

Transcript from Lazy ass stoner Video here