“Pinterest Messages”, Finally Pinterest did it!

Pinterest announced a new “Pinterest Messages” feature, now you can chat with your Pinterest followers using this amazing feature

In this article I will show you how to use this new awesome feature:

  • Open your Pinterest account
  • Click on Notification icon on the top right corner
  • The notification pane will appear with new link on the top called “Messages
  • Click on “Messages” link
  • A new pane will open shows you your messages history
  • Click on the add icon appears on the top right corner of the “Messages” pane
  • Start searching your followers to reach the follower(s) you want to chat with
  • Once you found the follower(s) you want to chat with click on its name(s) and then click “Next
  • A chat dialog will appear on the bottom left side
  • Start sending messages
  • You can drag and drop any pin to the message pane to send it directly to the follower
  • Additionally, you can send any pin directly from the send icon above each pin to certain user or group of users

Pinterest Messages, a great new feature from a great platform, for me, when I saw this I did a happy dance 😀

Soon, I will write some article about how to use this amazing feature in your Pinterest marketing