If you are thinking to start any online presence activity such as starting a new online business, making money from internet, building your business online spots, … etc, the most complicated and difficult to answer question is: Where to start ?.

In this article I will answer this question

1 – Define your Path:

Obviously! before starting any online business it is a must to know the product(s)/service(s) you will offer to your audience, I will name this “Path“, if you are starting a new “from scratch” online business and want to choose a right and effective path, my advice to you is to choose something you really love and enjoy, You can start your online business in “any” and “every” thing you love, whatever it is! I know that you may read/watch about selecting “niche”, “low competition” area, and such things and how it will affect your success and of course it will, but do not let this affect your choice when it comes to your main “Path”.

For example, a friend of mine asked me “hey Sharkas, I just left my work and do not have anything to start work but my laptop and internet connection, I am thinking to try the way you are talking about, but I am confused where to start” I asked: “What is the most thing you love and enjoy ?” he said: “Biking”.

my friend riding his bike

Technically, “Biking” is not a niche, it has very high competition with more than 88M results in Google, but “Biking” is a “Path” in which my friend can choose to start his online business.

Ask yourself: “What is the most thing I love and enjoy?” whatever your answer is, this can be your “Path“.

2 – Find the right entrance

Once you defined your Path and need to join the internet huge world, you have to find a related, low competition  and none crowded area to start from.

In other words, we need to find about 6 related phrases or keywords that match 3 conditions:

  1. People on internet are searching for these keywords
  2. These keywords make money, which means that the advertisers on internet are paying for these keywords.
  3. When we try to search Google for these phrase or keywords the returned results must not exceed 2.000.000 results “or even less”

To do this you need to use keyword tools, which are tools that help us to get insights about keywords that internet users use and how they use.

Google this: “What is keyword tools”

In our above example, the Path that we choose is “biking” we will use 2 free keyword tools to find the keywords match the above criteria

1 – Übersuggest:

With this free keyword tool you can instantly get thousands of keyword ideas from real user queries

Open Übersuggest by going to http://ubersuggest.org

Type your Path “biking” and select language and click “Suggest”

The website will display suggestions for your keyword, when you click on any keyword it will expand it to longer related keywords.

Go through all keywords and expand all keywords you think it is important and interesting, “if you choose a Path that you love and understand it will be an easy task to do this” Expand as much keywords as you can


2 – Google Keyword Planner

Open Google Keyword Planner by going to https://www.google.com/adwords/ and sign in and then choose Tools –> Keyword Planner


Choose “Search for new keywords using phrase, website or category”

Now start copy any of the keywords you get from Ubersuggest and paste it to the Keyword Planner and click “Get ideas”

Click on “Keyword ideas” to get information about your keyword


As you can see the Google Keyword Planner will give you some information about your keyword and how people use it, like Average monthly searches, competition, suggested bids and so on, also it will give you a list of other related keywords with all these information about them.

Using this tool you can match the conditions number 1 and 2:

  1. People are searching for keyword: by checking the Avg. monthly searches
  2. Keyword makes money: by checking the competition and suggested bids

Choose the keywords that have more than 1000 monthly searches and with Medium or High competition

Now it is time to match the third condition:

When we try to search Google for these phrase or keywords the returned results must not exceed 2.000.000 results “or even less”

We will do this by simply search Google the selected keywords and see the returned results count

Choose the keywords that return less than 2.000.000 results in Google

Repeat the above steps for as many keywords as you can to find at least 6 keywords that:

  1. Have more than 1000 monthly searches.
  2. Have Medium or High competition.
  3. Have less than 2.000.000 returned results when you search for it in Google.

For our example I have found 12 keywords match the conditions

We will then write an “Original” article for each keyword and post it to our website to get ranked in google and start receiving traffic.

Read my article about SEO HERE


To start your online business do not bother yourself and waste your time searching for niche markets that you do not know or understand it, just choose the path you love, understand and enjoy, use the keyword tools to get inspired, find more ideas about your path and to choose the perfect entrance for your business

Soon I will publish some articles to guide you through the whole process including how to choose a domain name and hosting, how to build a website, how to build attached social accounts and so on.