Avada is a best selling multi-purpose WordPress theme that makes Web building easy

Avada is a multipurpose theme that could prove to be as revolutionary as WordPress itself was all those years ago when it came out. You can use it to build all sorts of different looking sites in different niches. The developers have really pushed the boat out here. If you’ve been looking for a WordPress theme to master and really specialist in, this is probably it.

In this article I will show you how I used the theme Avada with Fusoin page builder to build 4 different website for 4 of my clients.

01 – Avada as a Jewelry eShop

HF Jewelry is a beautiful hand made Tunisian original jewelry, my role was to create the whole online presence for this business

I hired one of the photographers who is specialist in this kind of products to take some photos for HF products

With cooperation of the client we started to categorize the products and write down each product description prices and all related information.

Using the Avada theme and fusion builder I designed the website, the website is multilingual one, I used the qTranslate X plugin to do this

02 – Avada as a Guest House Website

This is one of my beloved client, Dr. Monstasser own a very nice and beautiful house in Nabeul, Tunisia.

Once he decided to start his own business by renting his nice house, he called me and we started the project

I was responsible for creating the whole online presence of this beautiful palace.

I started by hiring a very professional photographer to take a nice photos of the place and the accommodation.

I hired my lovely journalist friend Mrs. Amel Djait, she wrote a very touching description for each corner in the place

Now that I have photos and description for the place, it is time to build a nice website.

Using Avada, Fusion Builder to build the whole website, home page, accommodation main page and details page

The website contains reservation and synchronization system, with lot of features and tools, provide by very powerful WordPress plugin called HBook – Hotel booking system

This is an example to integrate the Avada theme with WPBook amazing plugin.

03 – Avada as a SaaS Product website

Hoapitium5 is a cloud based solution, built with WordPress MultiSite, it uses WHMCS for provisioning the clients sub-sites and for billing and support

My role was to unify the look and feel of the website that the clients use to signup with the look and feel of the WHMCS system.

Again using the Avada theme and fusion builder I designed the website, the website is multilangual one, I used the qTranslate X plugin to do this

04 – Avada as a Mobile App website (RTL)

O2Share is a car spooling mobile application allows drivers to share their daily trips with passengers to join.

The usage of the application needs lot of explanation, and there is a lot of educational videos

This is a clear example on how to use Avada with RTL WorPress Websites